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The Wanteded

brilliant trees Lake Benbrook 2x3 cropth

Three years!!! Three years of coming to the same lake. This same spot. Composing, waiting, getting frustrated. Finally, on one of the foggiest days I have ever seen, things paid off. These after thoughts of damning a lake, finally standing out in there full glory. I don't think I have ever been more excited to take an image!

The Bridge to Nothing

full scene bridge japanese gardens.jpg

If you know this spot, than you know. If not, than it's a place you shouldn't see. You'd be disappointed.

The Wild Things

lone tree in the fog witchita mountains.

I have spent an extraordinary amount of time at this location. For years I have come to this area to photograph the bison, the elk and the longhorns. On one particularly foggy day, the animals were a bit too shrouded to make a meaningful approach. So, I took my time moving around to try and find a subject. I remembered a lone tree that looked out over the plains and made my way there. This is the image I came away with.

The Coldest Light


Good times and memories of extremely cold hands. We camped under the stars.... Or more aptly, we camped in a snow drift for the first two days. The mornings were a balmy 15 degrees and the fog would waft off the glassy lake. Of course, when you expect summer conditions and get hit with below freezing temps in the morning, some of the shoots weren't too comfortable. Before the sun rose, I would just imagine how warm the sun would make me feel. Only to have a disappointingly cold ray of light, crest over the mountains, giving no comfort.

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