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Well...It's been a long while!

I started thinking about the fact that I really never use this website to communicate at all. So I have set a goal for myself that at least once a month I am going to force myself to get on here and write something, share something. Come spring I will share weather forecasts for my storm chasing, I plan on sharing at least a few of the settings I use for capturing things like lightning, which I know can be incredibly difficult if you're just starting. But before all that I just wanted to share a few images from last year that I probably should have put on here a while ago.

Front end of a phenomenal storm in Oklahoma. It is getting increasingly rare that you can capture a scene without people in it while on a storm chase. It might seem weird to some but storm chasing has become incredibly popular. So much so that I actually got stuck in a storm chaser traffic jam on this day.

Sometimes you have literally no idea what is going to happen on a chase. Boom or bust days are common. In June as weather patterns began to shift I had the opportunity to chase some storms out in New Mexico. After an 8 hour drive I was finally there and........NOTHING! I waited and waited and waited some more until right about the time I was going to call it a day, this storm formed. The wait paid off because the winds kept the large hail a loft for long enough that I could sit under it and enjoy a;; the amazing textures and colors of the scene.

Lightning over dirt roads in Texas! Some days things just work out well and this was one of them. After two straight weeks of fizzle after fizzle some storms formed south of the Texas panhandle in the early evening. They were moving so slow it seemed like you could probably just walk at a casual pace and stay in front of them... I did not, that would be crazy, but it did seem that way :-)

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