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Selfie... No Self Portrait!!

Week two of the seven week challenge is going to be a good one! The self portrait!! I have attached some video but also wanted to give you a few other tips that may help you out with this challenge.

Camera Angle:

Camera Settings:

Aside from the items below I did want to mention one thing and that's using your timer. Ten second timer and try to take at least five shots each time. For me I'm usually squirming around while trying to get situated and the first few shots I'm not even looking at the camera, saw the multiple shots have definitely helped.

Lighting!!! This might be my favorite part of all of this. I love messing around with different lighting combinations in different conditions. Have fun with this and take your time. Even if you don't have lighting gear you can still make this work!

That should get you all started. Don't forget you can email, message me on Instagram or tag me in your self portraits. At the end of the week I will feature the top 3, subjective, I know, in my stories!!

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