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Burnt Eyes and Bathroom Breaks

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Don't Stand too Close !

We had the weekend to ourselves. Off work and home, we packed up the Jeep and headed out at 6 PM. We gassed up and well, we gassed up, what else do you do on a road trip but eat bad food? Gas station hot dogs in hand, ohhh plan ahead people, we headed out on an adventure.

The plan was to make the 600-mile drive to the Rockies for a day of skiing. On the way, we talked about the standard things any husband and wife would when trapped right next to each other for 10 hours. This is what went wrong today, this is my busy week coming up, the standard stuff.

About 8 hours in I couldn't go any further. Five hour energy drinks and coffee had let me down so we found a quiet State park and packed it in for the night. Now I'm not sure if you are familiar with car camping in cold weather so let me give you a small bit of insight. You can't ever straighten your legs, if your hand slips out of the sleeping bag you are quickly reminded it's 20 degrees outside, which is pretty brisk when you don't feel it coming and in the morning don't sit up too fast. My head is still sore from hitting it on the dome light.

We woke up and I was feeling stuffy, not because the car was cramped, which it was, but allergies were getting the best of my schnozz. Never fear, I picked up Benadryl on the way out at a random bathroom break. The only problem I didn't check the label. I neglected to snag the non-drowsy kind. WOOPS! We made the rest of the 140 miles, or should I say my wife did, the Benadryl had me out cold.

We arrived at the resort and grabbed our lift tickets. After that, it was into the lodge to drink as much coffee as humanly possible, either allergy meds are serious business or I'm a lightweight when it comes to pills. After a bit, the drugs wire off and we hit the slopes. It was an amazing day, bluebird skies and we got more runs in than we ever thought possible.

On the way home, we played a seemingly endless game of Heads Up. If you've never played before you're missing out and to be prepared if you don't know the name of a country music star or song just guess LeAnn Rimes, odds are you're probably right. We stumbled into the house at 3 AM, eyes burning and remembering way too many stops in sketchy bathrooms, but it was a satisfying result.

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